Frequently asked questions

MoonScan utilizes Speedy Nodes from to offer live tracking of reflections and rewards. It can happen, that their nodes are out-of-sync. This can be related to a network wide issue or simply an unwanted forking. In this case the node is trying to resync or catching up on missing blocks.
This means in most cases that the connection between MoonScan and the BSC network is having problems reading out the reflection data. This can happen if one or more of the nodes that MoonScan is using has been throwing more than 100 errors in the past 15 minutes. This usually can easily affect all listed tokens. Please be patient, MoonScan is working hard to find workarounds and fallbacks for these cases but mostly it is just out of our hands.
We weight the amount of reflections of the last hours and the actual reflection rate against the current supply of tokens to show a current performance indentifier. This number is temporary and changes every hour. E.g. a score of 50 would mean that roughly 0.005% of the current supply value was reflected during the last hours.
MoonScan reads the balances of your wallet or a contract related wallet on different block heights and compares these values. Basically, the difference is the reflection value. For personal wallets these figures might easily be influenced by transfers (buy and sell transactions), which MoonScan tries to subtract properly and show a pure reflection value only.
  • Last month:
    The last month graph is filled with data from the blockchain by comparing the first blocks of the last 30 days to each other. Connected with the happening transfers, it will show a most accurate reflection value. Hover/tap on each bar to see the detailed information of the day. The balance is the starting balance of the day. The reflection amount is the total of received reflections of this one day. So the balance + reflections will be the next days balance.
  • Historic:
    The historic graph is a rough estimate over the life time of the token holdings paired with estimated calculations regarding the investment, withdrawal and return of interests. This graph is not very accurate but the overall information and development of the holdings can help to verify the success of the holdings.
We believe that almost all tokens have their right of existance, no matter if they are low-priced, high-price, meme-token or have an actual useful concept behind.
We keep the right to remove tokens which do not accumulate enough traffic on MoonScan for over a couple of months.
Any token can be added to the Enlisting Process Page. However, it does need to accomplish certain steps before getting listed successfully. Please see the enlisting page for more details.
If not declared otherwise, MoonScan uses the UTC timezone.
No and there are no concrete plans to do so. Any tokens out there are not affiliated with MoonScan.
Occassionally, MoonScan does partner ships with other websites or tokens. For more details please contact us at [email protected]