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Due Diligence


While in real life you might scare to entrust your money to a complete stranger (project, token, coin, community), why would you do this on the internet?

In reality, there are probably more rug pulls, malicious contents and honeypots out there than actually "good" projects. Besides looking for a good trend for the next Moon-Project, you should also check the project yourself, its whitepaper, its progress and promises. Look for any obvious and hidden ways, which easily could mean a loss in funds. Of course, this should be done way before you invest in the token. This also counts as much for NFTs as it does for crypto of any type.

With MoonScan you have one tool at your hand, which will show you what amount of reflections/rewards are distributed among the holders. This is in one indicator on how good a token is performing and if it kept to its ideal in the past.

Additionally, you can use any of the following tools, which are mostly free to use and do your own research. Always keep your guards up and do not share more information than really necessary with anyone.

Transparency Tools

We understand MoonScan as some kind of transparency tool. The information is freely available on the blockchain but we aggregate and make it readible to show in a transparent way how a token is performing.

See below a list of curated tools, which are also utilizing the existing blockchain data to show what is under the hood of a token.

Bubble Maps

Top Pick!

Watch the interaction between the top holders of a token


Top Pick!

Dig into the blockchain, see transactions and follow the trails