Restricted Access

In order to make changes to the entry of "PORNROCKET" please make sure that your BEP20 or email address has been whitelisted for this action. In order to do so, please contact MoonScan beforehand:


MoonScan will generate a unique contract address specific colored cow head for every listed token. If you provide your own icon, we will use this one instead. Please ensure that the icon has a round shape, includes transparency and is not larger than 300 KB in filesize.

Describe the purpose and goals for this token. This may include html tags <u>, <b>, <i> and <p>. Other html content will be removed.

This is meant for short term announcements only. Please remove the notice once it is not applicable anymore.

MoonScan determines supply values from the BSC contract directly if advertised. Here you can define custom values as a correction value for your token listing on MoonScan. To provide API feeds for us please make sure that they do return only floats or integer values without any formatting (example: 8437572435.834). In case your feed is down or returns a wrong format, we will use the data from the contract. Once this api values are set, it will take some time for MoonScan to recognize and use it.


The amount of tokens that is currently circulating in the market and which is in public hands.


The total amount of tokens which gets reflections distributed to. This is usually the maximum total supply of tokens minus any wallet that is excluded from receiving rewards.

MoonScan tries to read most values from the contract directly. However, some values are not easy to read and require certain configuration. Giving additional information here will help us to show the correct detail for this token.

The percentage of the traded amount when swapping to the token and which consists usually of fees that will be sent to team or project related wallets (such as marketing, charity, burn, dev or lottery wallets).

The percentage of the traded amount when swapping from the token and which consists usually of fees that will be sent to team or project related wallets (such as marketing, charity, burn, dev or lottery wallets).

Events / Timeline

Add and remove items in this list will change the Timeline on the token detail page. Here you can provide information about the past and upcoming milestones and archievements of this token. Events will be automatically sorted by event time on submitting the changes. Events with an empty event title will not be saved.

Add up to 10 links to external sources. Some of these links might be paired with the introductionary purpose content on the detail page (such as a whitepaper link). Links with an empty title or url will not be saved.

Submit changes

To submit the changes above, you either need to sign a message using a Web3 provider or you need to confirm then change via an email confirmation code. In both ways, please make sure, that you are allowed to do these changes. In case you need to get verified to be allowed to make changes to this contract, please contact MoonScan using one of methods as described on our contact page.


Confirm the change by signing a unique message with a whitelisted BEP-20 address.


  • Confirmation almost instantly.

Email Confirm

Confirm the changes with a unique token send to your whitelisted email account.


  • Can be a shared email (or forwarder) of the token team.