Burned tokens are purchased open market by contract function or by team members. The burn address does NOT receive rewards. This function increases each holder's reward percentages as the circulating supply decreases from burns.

Token Type
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since 2022-07-06
Contract Owner
Token with a donation in MoonScan Donation WalletThe contract of this token has been audited (by a third party)TOP 10 of most popular tokens on MoonScan
Trading enabled
Circulating-Supply 99 % % of Max. Total-Supply
Burnt 0 % % of Max. Total-Supply
Max. Total-Supply
Token price
Market Cap
Buy: 15 % / Sell: 15 %
Total fees
185 Counted is any wallet which holds a single fraction of this token. Source: Third-Party
Last updated: 2022-08-19T00:48:53+00:00

General Information

Stratosphere DeFi has the most aggressive DUAL token reward ecosystem in DeFi, providing the HIGHEST rewards per transaction!


🌎 Stratosphere

🔹 13% BNB REWARD or ANY token of your choice!

🔹 1% Reflection

🔹 1% Liquidity


🔥 Afterburner

🔹 10% Buyback of Stratosphere and distributed to the Afterburner holders

🔹 5% Liquidity


Decentralized finance is all about individual freedom. At Stratosphere DeFi we don't limit your potential or hinder your choices with centralized controls!


Stratosphere DeFi Advantages:


🔻 NO anti whale mechanisms

🔻 NO sell limits

🔻 NO reward taxes or limits

🔻 NO hidden fees


What we offer:


🟢 Freedom to choose ANY token payout from your rewards.

🟢 Weekly Lotteries

🟢 Lowest Slippage tolerance Swap function in DeFi

🟢 Core team consists of real life Engineers and fully doxxed

🟢 Hyper-deflationary mechanics through buy back and burns from stable asset yields

🟢 Burn address does NOT receive rewards

🟢 ALL Holders reward percentages increase as the BURN address holdings increase

🟢 DeFi's most innovative support token

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