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Terms Of Services

March 5, 2022

Terms Of Services

Last updated: March 5, 2022

This Terms Of Service describe how we provide services and what are the limitations for you as a user.
moonscan collects data that is publicly available on the Binance Smart Chain networks. We partly store these data and provide an aggregation on our web pages.

Wallet Addresses

The following explaination is for wallet addresses on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Network. A BEP20 wallet address is the so-called public key for your private key. The public key can be shared with others in order to let them send assets to you or connect to third-party websites (such as Pancakeswap) to trade tokens and crypto. The private address is never to be shared, with no exception. moonscan does not ask for private keys. The only information which moonscan uses is the public address/key which has the look of: 0x[40 characters] - Example: 0x609A8C3D1C12B6a3A3E767244E9E254f11C0FaA6
moonscan caches certain information from the chain in order to provide fast and reliable access. These data expires on a regular basis, gets deleted, refreshed on request and does not have any connection to a website user.
If moonscan learns about a fraudulent abuse of our name and services, we will remove access to our website, reject related offered services from the individual and in extended cases not exclude involvement of jurisdiction.

moonscan Analytics

At moonscan we are collecting our own analytics, which are based on IP addresses, but saved anonymized in our database. Analytics are collected this way for page visits, banner views and banner clicks.
If moonscan learns about a mis-use of the gathered analyics by cheating in any way, we will take action to prevent any further interaction by the individual.
What Is Google Analytics and How Does it Collect Data? Google Analytics is a free software tool created by Google that helps digital professionals monitor and analyze website traffic. It collects data by placing a cookie on a user’s browser when they visit your site, thereby providing insights such as how many users you have, where they are from, and which pages they click on. More details to our Privacy Policy can be found here.

API Access

If an individual plans to use our API, it is better to get in contact with us first. We do not bite! Please refrain from using our API without our consent. If we find out that our API services are mis-used or accessed without our consent by an individual, we will use any means to prevent the individual from accessing our webpage and services.

Listing Entries

moonscan allows contracts to be listed. Listed entries will have the benefits of reflections or rewards tracking on our web pages for contract owners and holders.
If moonscan leans about fraudulent contract practises (e.g. rugpull) we will remove the contract from moonscan and ban it from being re-added ever again.
This procedure can already happen during the enlisting phase.
Contract owners and approved managers can provide content for the contract detail pages on moonscan. This content is checked reguarly. If we learn about a mis-use of this feature, we will remove the content and prevent the contract or individual from further contributions.

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